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Assured Communications.

Enhanced Situational Awareness.

Shadow Box Solutions delivers turnkey interoperability products, providing mobile solutions that bridge voice, video, and data networks to improve communications and mapping, for better decision making.

ShadowBox Alpha TOC-in-a-Box Communication  System

All-in-one mobile TOC-in-a-Box system
TAKServer • ROIP • VOIP • Video • FTP • 5G



Picture (7).png

Alpha - SB-A22

All-in-one mobile TOC-in-a-Box system
TAKServer • ROIP • VOIP • Video • 5G

SB-D Cutout Open_edited.png

Delta - SB-D23

Compact TAK Server system
TAKServer •  Secure • 5G

Picture (8).png

Bravo - SB-B22

Secure mobile video encoder and transmitter
Video Encoding • Analog/Digital • Encrypted • Mobile Data

SBS Cube large background_edited.png

Echo - SB-E24

Mobile Multi Network Bridge (MNB)
MANET Backhaul • Integrated Power • Touch Interface • Secure • 5G

Picture (10).png

Charlie - SB-C22

Mobile MUOS TAKServer
MUOS capable • TAKServer • ATO/STIG compliant

SB-Vault Cutout Small.png

Vault - SB-Vault

Phone / EUD Storage and Docking Solution
Secure Storage • Charging • Mass Updating

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