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ShadowBox Solutions Announces Development of a new 5G mobile MANET Gateway System

ShadowBox Solution, the industry leader in innovative communications interoperability systems

ShadowBox Solutions is pleased to announce development of the new ShadowBox Echo, a cutting-edge tactical 5G mobile MANET Gateway. The Echo is designed to seamlessly integrate with third-party MANET radios, such as the MPU5, Silvus 4200 series, and Trellisware TW900 series. This innovative system will enable secure connectivity and bridging between local and global networks, including other ShadowBox products like the TAK Server Suite available on the ShadowBox Alpha and Delta platforms. Furthermore, the Echo can serve as a integral node for a red multi-networks (Red MNB). Upholding the core ShadowBox design principles, the Echo will feature self-sustaining power capabilities, a compact form factor, and exceptional user-friendliness. For further details, please Contact ShadowBox Solutions.

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