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Who We Are

ShadowBox Solutions is comprised of a unique collection of highly trained SOF communications professionals and corporate industry veterans.  We have the relevance, knowledge, and experience forged from decades of solving demanding operational requirements.  We're committed to providing you a SOLUTION, not just a product.

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What We Do

At ShadowBox Solutions, we specialize in creating top-of-the-line mobile communications interoperability systems that are designed to improve situational awareness and decision-making. We integrate TAK and other commercial C5ISR solutions for unrivaled compact and mobile capability.  Our team of experienced professionals also offers a variety of training and advising services to help organizations overcome unique communication challenges. Our SOF experience imbues in us the seriousness of our customers' business and we are committed to delivering products and training that are unsurpassed in quality. Our adaptable hardware and software solutions are market-leading, and we work closely with our customers to develop solutions that meet their specific needs. Our products are essential for organizations that require reliable and effective communication capabilities.

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Who We Work With

ShadowBox Solutions works with a number of market-leading companies to deliver fully integrated communications and situational awareness systems to our customers.  Our integration expertise delivers synergistic and symbiotic capabilities that are well tailored for the challenges of today's complex global environment.

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