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Charlie - SB-C22
MUOS / HF TAK Server

Turns your point-to-point MUOS or HF connection into a situational awareness power house, allowing for a vast number of radio users to share TAK data.  MUOS replaces legacy UHFSATCOM and offers significantly higher bandwidth in an encrypted cell-like infrastructure.  The PRC-160 HF radio with 3G ALE will also support ShadowBox TAK data transfer protocol.  With the ShadowBox Charlie your MUOS or HF connection becomes a point-to-net capability by expanding communications to large user groups for sharing of voice and data through TAK, including cursor on target, position location information, chat, and images.  The Shadowbox Charlie provides Type 1 encrypted TAK C2 for your critical communications needs.

Take MUOS and HF to the next level—turns a single MUOS or HF link into a powerful TAK network, connecting users across the globe through a common user interface.

MUOS Server-in-a-Box

  • > High-end compact server

  • > 8hr onboard battery backup

  • > Powered by common 5v USB-C

  • > “One touch” power up

  • > Linux graphic user interface for remote or direct administration

  • > Rugged compact sized travel case

  • > Automated thermal management

  • > STIG and ATO compliant image

Interoperable Situational Awarensss

> Supports MUOS, HF, and TSM networks

> Compatible with PRC-163, PRC-167, PRC-117G, PRC-160, TW-400, MPU-5, Silvus

> Onboard TAKServer supports >50 users with SA, chat, and data sharing through MUOS SATCOM

> Works with most ATAK / WINTAK devices with a simple data cable

> Onboard data logging

> Data encrypted through MUOS

MUOS / HF Network Architecture

SB-Charlie Network Diagram.png
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