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ShadowBox Solution, the industry leader in innovative communications interoperability systems

ShadowBox Solutions is pleased to announce development of the new ShadowBox Echo, a cutting-edge tactical 5G mobile MANET Gateway. The Echo is designed to seamlessly integrate with third-party MANET radios, such as the MPU5, Silvus 4200 series, and Trellisware TW900 series. This innovative system will enable secure connectivity and bridging between local and global networks, including other ShadowBox products like the TAK Server Suite available on the ShadowBox Alpha and Delta platforms. Furthermore, the Echo can serve as a integral node for a red multi-networks (Red MNB). Upholding the core ShadowBox design principles, the Echo will feature self-sustaining power capabilities, a compact form factor, and exceptional user-friendliness. For further details, please Contact ShadowBox Solutions.

ShadowBox Solutions is proud to highlight our strong partnership with USAFE EOD to dramatically expanding their capability and digital situational awareness. The ShadowBox Team recently delivered ShadowBox Alpha, Delta, and Vault systems to EOD units across Europe and provided comprehensive training. The training included operation of unique ShadowBox equipment and integration of MPU5 radios into ShadowBox products. ShadowBox products seamlessly integrate with a number of modern MANET radios including the MPU5, Trellisware and Silvus radios, as well as Harris handheld and manpack systems and bridges across those radio networks to the ShadowBox system, allowing for SA, video, and other data to be shared globally.

 Contact ShadowBox Solutions today to see how we can help your organization deliver innovation and enhanced decision making!

ShadowBox Solutions Instructor trains USAFE EOD on Alpha and Delta systems, which new situational awareness and communication tools to units across Europe
An EOD student at the ShadowBox Solutions course learning how to use the enhanced ATAK features delivered by the ShadowBox Alpha and ShadowBox Delta systems.

During a recent SOF demonstration, ShadowBox Solutions unveiled a new capability for the SB Charlie by successfully sharing ATAK data over a high frequency (HF) PRC-160 radio, providing users a new and compact method for maintaining situational awareness and chat functions globally through the common ATAK user interface. During the demonstration, an operations center based PRC-160 HF radio connected to an SB Charlie was able to share ATAK data between field users carrying PRC-160 radios connected to ATAK devices. The PRC-160 can send data below the noise floor, significantly mitigating the RF signature of users and enhancing their tactical advantage. The SB-Charlie is the only turnkey ATO compliant TAK Server capable of sharing data over HF. In addition to HF, the SB-Charlie can negotiate TAK traffic over MUOS, TSM, ANW2, and other common waveforms.

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