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Bravo - SB-B22
Mobile Video Encoder

The ShadowBox Bravo is among the most advanced and versatile mobile video encoder on the market. It has 8+ hours of onboard power, integrated 4G connectivity, and it accepts both analog and digital video sources.  In conjunction with the ShadowBox Alpha TOC-in-a-Box (SB-A22V) or third-party media server, the ShadowBox Bravo will securely transmit video from a variety of sources to users across the globe, building situational awareness to enhance decision making, mission effectiveness, and safety across all levels of government and industry. 

The ultimate mobile video transmission tool—securely backhauls live video for distribution to users anywhere.

Compact Mobile Encoder

  • > Built-in display screen

  • > “One touch” power up

  • > 8+ hour onboard battery

  • > Web based user interface

  • > Rugged compact sized travel case

  • > Automated thermal management

  • > HDMI pass-through

  • > Display video through ATAK/WINTAK interface

Video Encoder

> HDMI and analog BNC interfaces

> Converts analog to digital video

> Accepts

                 -Surveillance cameras

                 -Leave behind camera

                 -Rover VDL

                 -Screen capture

                 -FLIR EO/IR sensors

Mobile Gateway

  • > 4G cellular gateway

  • > AES 256  encryption

  • > Secured by VPN

  • > Onboard WiFi

  • > WAN pass-through for alt internet sources (ISP, BGAN, Starlink, etc.)

ShadowBox Alpha Integration

> Automatically connects to ShadowBox Alpha TOC-in-a-Box*

> Securely distributes streaming video throughout a user network

> Zero ongoing costs: no usage or throughput fees

SB Bravo Network Diagram.png
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