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ShadowBox Charlie Shares ATAK Data Over High Frequency (HF) Radio

During a recent SOF demonstration, ShadowBox Solutions unveiled a new capability for the SB Charlie by successfully sharing ATAK data over a high frequency (HF) PRC-160 radio, providing users a new and compact method for maintaining situational awareness and chat functions globally through the common ATAK user interface. During the demonstration, an operations center based PRC-160 HF radio connected to an SB Charlie was able to share ATAK data between field users carrying PRC-160 radios connected to ATAK devices. The PRC-160 can send data below the noise floor, significantly mitigating the RF signature of users and enhancing their tactical advantage. The SB-Charlie is the only turnkey ATO compliant TAK Server capable of sharing data over HF. In addition to HF, the SB-Charlie can negotiate TAK traffic over MUOS, TSM, ANW2, and other common waveforms.

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